Tracy Ameen

Tracy Ameen’s work is important- a nationall treasure. She produces two particular types of pottery:Sculpted single-wall pots and double- wall, reticulated pieces. She creates the double-wall pottery by throwing two pots simultaneously, one inside the other, both pots touching only at the bottom and the top. Double wall pottery is so rare and requires such super human skill that the Chinese labled it “the devil”s work.” The technique dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is sometimes referred to as Ling Lung Ware. Each piece takes three months to complete in part due to the lengthy drying process.Ms. Ameen’s reputation is now well established. Her impressive pieces are part of the permanent collection of the National Afro-American Museum,the White House,Wasington,D.C., and the African American Design Archive at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum(in the Smithsonian Institution, NYC.”I work with a passion each day to create someting extraodinary.My art is all about figuring out how to live on this planet:We’re all in this together,so we might as well learn to appreciate our differences and love and respect each other.”