Nava Waxman

In her recent work,Nava investigates how miminal form can evoke meaning in the depiction of the female body along with nature and abstract elements. In this process,she discovers her own visual language through the experimentation of various medium such as drawing, painting and collage. The work is entirely based on her existence and personal perception about her identity as a woman.Nava seeks to release the female form from its stereotypical state,which is often limited due to preconception. In doing so, she transforms the familiarity of the subject from its literal identification to a metaphorical, visual perception. Nava challenges herself to create a relationship between oppositional forces and how they transform the recognized image into a anthropomorphic object.Born in Beer Sheva,Israel,Nava Moved to Canada in 2003. She is a self taught artist whose work is in private and public collections throughout the world.