John Blazy

John Blazy has always been infatuated with topographic textured figure within a flat surface, whether seeing it as coral heads under clear Caribbean water,inclusions in ice crystals,or when he used highly figured, waxy wood veneers whenJohn was a furniture designer in the mid nineties. Then he found glass artists that could inlay ripple textured dichroic glass into his neoArt Deco designs to complement the figured veneers, and thus began his love for dichroic laminations when he became a chemist in UV cured resin chemistry. One day,John received samples of dichroic films. He inlayed them into his clear resin, and his future literally flashed before his eyes. The first version was called “Dichrolam Black Sea”. It appeared to literally have 1/8″of textured depth under flat glass, which made the top ten list of wildest materials in the Material ConneXion library in NYC,and does not have the size,cost and fabrication limitations of metal vapor deposition dichroic glass. John’s initial line of dichroic laminated CAT11 certified safety glass(Dichrolam) can be seen in top corporate lobbies and medical centers across the country as the largest dichroic glass and acrylic panels in the world, even making the cover of Interior Design Magazine.