Yael Erlichman

Yael Erlichman was born in 1954 on Kibbutz Givat Brenner,Israel. Yael finds great aesthetic value in the most common human form.Making use of extrodinary technical skills and an eye for vivid and expressive details,she imbues her inanimate bronze figures with deep emotion, humor and energy which serves as a tribute to human nature and human optimism.She succeeds in combining a profound awareness of the classical tradition of expressive,figurative sculpture with a subtle,playful approach. She works at a foundry in the Jerusalem hills and is involved in every single stage of the bronze production. Her art has been purchased by corporate and private collections worldwide and she is represented by several galleries in the US,Canada and Europe. Her sculptures are a tribute to the joy of creation. During 2011,two major works were ordered and created by Yael:”Roots”(2.60 meters high) in the Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens and “Born on the Road(2.70 meters high) outside the Beresheet Mitzpe Ramon Boutigue Hotel,overlooking the Mitzpe Crater. Yael is the winner of the International Florence Biennale 2009 Lorenzo Il Magnifico President’s Award.