Leah Sheves

To make my ceramic pieces I use a technique in which I both fold and join flat slabs of clay. What interests me most in the process is the transition from the second to the third dimension and the relationship formed between the flat surface of the object and its three dimensional form.

My work occupies a borderline place which lies on the cusp between the soft and hard, the organic and geometric, between the functional and non-functional and between reality and illusion.

The Oribe series of ceramics on view at the Pennello Gallery was recently developed following a visit to Japan. It is an homage and declaration of kinship to the Oribe ceramic tradition whose bold use of patterns and forms greatly inspired me.

Leah Sheves
Klil 14
Rehovot, Israel
Tel: 972 8 9465648
Cell: +972 54 4570348
Email: leah.sheves@gmail.com


1980 MA Ceramics and Education, Columbia University, NY, USA
Since 1995 A member of Shush Shloshim, Ceramic Coop Gallery in Tel Aviv


1990 Israel State of the Arts: Barbican Center, London, UK

1993 Works in Clay: Gallery 105, Champaign, Illinois, USA

1994 Ceramics Israel: Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Curator: Jimmy Clark

2000 Pink Lillium: Shlush Shloshim Ceramics Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2001 Constructive Paradigms in Clay: Architectural Elements in Contemporary Ceramics: Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel.
Curator: Sara Hackert

2004 Design Art Design-The Third Israeli Biennale of Ceramics: Erets Israel Museum, Ramat Aviv, Israel.
Curator: Marek Cecula

2006 Territory and Identity: Between Ceramics and Architecture:Fourth Israeli Biennale of Ceramics: Erets Israel Museum, Ramat Aviv. Israel
Curator: David Knafu

2008 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show: Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. USA

2008 Clay, Sensation-The Fifth Israeli Biennale of Ceramics Erets Israel Museum, Ramat Aviv, Israel
Curator: Hagai Segev

2009 From the Melting Pot into the Fire: Mint Museum of Craft and Design
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

2009 Out of Context: Municipal Gallery, Rehovot, Israel
Curator: Ora Krauss

2010 From the Melting Pot into the Fire: Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada

2011 The Sixth Biennale of Ceramics. Eretz Israel Museum. Ramat Aviv, Israel.
Curator: Shlomit Bowman.

2012 Mekupelet: Beit Dondikov, Rehovot and Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv.
Curator: Ora Krauss

2013 Consumer Basket: Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv; Okashi Art Museum, Akko.
Curator: Raz Samira

2014 Blue and White Now Beit Aharon Kahana, Ramat Gan.
Curator: Ina Aroueti

2014 Feast: Beit Binyamini. Tel Aviv