Barbara Krupp


Artist Statement 2016

Reason to Paint

Every one living in this world, is in the midst of constant turmoil . Minute by minute of each day is filled with the drama of every living person. I am not exempt from the human race so my art is a result of my environment. The world as a whole is in my paintings. I have painted for 40 years and I now paint what is in me to the exclusion of specific topics. My newest paintings are a combination of modern, deco, figurative, and surrealism. In the fast moving world of media I see color coming fast, leaving fast, moving fast. I have tried to produce excitement and joy from the turmoil of media.


I have 25 more good years to paint. I know how to paint and my goal is to have the world see it. I need a gallery that does the major shows in the world. Then I would like to be included in the Whitney, MOMA, etc. My next goal is to be in the Venice Biennale. Now is the time to pursue these goals.

“Barbara Gone Wild Series” Each piece is different. I paint colors that interact with each other and then shapes that interact. Without thought beyond this, shapes become produced magically.