Erin Crowley

“The number one question I get asked about my art is, “are those real leaf imprints?”And the answer is, yes I work with a material that is like a modeling paste or flexible plaster to build texture. I like working with leaves and interesting pieces of tree bark because it creates unpredictable pattern and design that always inspires me. Creating art is a part of my being. I graduated from OCAD in 2007,with a Bachelor of Design from the textile department. My textile background is a strong foundation in my current work. The Canadian prairies and clouds inspire my current series. A few years agoI flew over the prairies, and fell in the awe of the infinite flat horizon, the endless patchwork patterns of field and the the sky that floated above. Duality is a term that I often use to describe the imagery in my work. The duality between land and sky is a conceptual contrast that I am interested in, and my Cloud Block series represents this union of differences.” –Erin Crowley